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  Current news  

  stories are:


  1. Talk to Pensioners
  2. Huntingdon Treasures
  3. Twinning Anniversary Plagues
  4. Szentendre Exhibition





Wow! was it really 2012 when I last edited this page?


I am currently working on a series of paintings, twelve in all.













Talk to Pensioners








Huntingdon Treasures














Twinning Anniversary









Szentendre Exhibition August 2011


Sorry about that. I will try and do better in the future.



When they are laid out together they represent my attempt at creating a 'Stained Glass Window' 



Will definately keep you updated on this one.










Saturday 8th November 2012 at the Commemoration Hall Huntingdon, details to follow


On 23 November 2011, I gave a talk to 80+ retired print workers in London.


The talk was entitled "Art in Retirement" and was well received.


I have published a booklet about a stroll around Huntingdon. The stroll highlights 12 of my favourite buildings in Huntingdon. There is a drawing and short history of each building. If you are ever in Huntingdon the stroll would help you explore our quiet market town.




Huntingdon & Godmanchester have been twinned with Wertheim in Germany for 30 years. As part of the celebrations I was asked to carve plagues for two trees which were planted by our town Mayors.









I would really love to get somewhere to exhibit them as I don't have the space. The overall size is approx. 130cm x 130cm.

Any Offers or suggestions?









We discussed the importance of keeping active in retirement and that art was a realistic and cheap way of achieving this aim.








Shirley and I went to the European People's Festival in Szentendre, Hungary during August. The festival is held every year in a different country in Europe. The aim of the festival is to promote understanding and knowledge of different cultures within Europe. There were 14 countries taking part. It was a great experience. I was asked to display some of my work during the festival and I was a judge in the Festival Art competition.