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  1. Talk to Pensioners
  2. Huntingdon Treasures
  3. Twinning Anniversary Plagues
  4. Szentendre Exhibition





Exhibition of some of my work





Talk to Pensioners








Huntingdon Treasures














Twinning Anniversary









Szentendre Exhibition August 2011


Saturday 8th November 2012 at the Commemoration Hall Huntingdon, details to follow


On 23 November 2011, I gave a talk to 80+ retired print workers in London.


The talk was entitled "Art in Retirement" and was well received.


I have published a booklet about a stroll around Huntingdon. The stroll highlights 12 of my favourite buildings in Huntingdon. There is a drawing and short history of each building. If you are ever in Huntingdon the stroll would help you explore our quiet market town.




Huntingdon & Godmanchester have been twinned with Wertheim in Germany for 30 years. As part of the celebrations I was asked to carve plagues for two trees which were planted by our town Mayors.











We discussed the importance of keeping active in retirement and that art was a realistic and cheap way of achieving this aim.








Shirley and I went to the European People's Festival in Szentendre, Hungary during August. The festival is held every year in a different country in Europe. The aim of the festival is to promote understanding and knowledge of different cultures within Europe. There were 14 countries taking part. It was a great experience. I was asked to display some of my work during the festival and I was a judge in the Festival Art competition.